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IdeaBlinkk - Customer Feedback, User Feedback, Idea Sharing, Customer Research, Customer Support, Social Communication Software - What do you get when you mix IdeaStorm, IdeaExchange and MediaBlinkk? IdeaBlinkk the next generation crowd based social communication, customer research, customer feedback, social feedback tool. IdeaBlinkk is a web based crowd sourcing social feedback, customer research and idea sharing interaction platform inspired by IdeaStorm, IdeaExchange and MediaBlinkk. IdeaBlinkk the next generation of customer support, customer research and customer feedback sharing.

IdeaBlinkk Solutions:

Idea Sharing and Thought Discussion

Smart. Simple. Screamingly Fast.

IdeaBlinkk allows you to easily and safely share and discuss ideas and thoughts in a safe self contained environment. Letting you leverage a wider base of information internally and externally, both publicly and privately, while greatly reducing your time and effort expended.

IdeaBlinkk leverages your users, employees, customers and clients to collaborate and help you grow fast.

IdeaBlinkk removes interruptions from your day allowing you to get more done.

IdeaBlinkk is used by companies and individuals as a 24 by 7 idea factory. Companies use it across their organizations to prevent stove piping and to open safe non-destructive communication between internal and external groups, subsidiaries and areas in their companies. And as a key element in leveraging their entire employee base for fresh ideas, thoughts and discussions in areas, allowing them to get the most out of their employees and interrelated groups across their entire company or a select set of groups within and without in the least amount of time.

IdeaBlinkk lets you easily and safely promote interactive discussions and good idea and thought generation between your internal and external groups, while safely allowing and saving constructive comments and feedback during the process.

IdeaBlinkk works as a superior knowledge base of ideas and discussions, innately saving, categorizing and collating the discussions, thoughts and ideas. Giving you a road map for prior and future discussions

Employees, customers and groups feel safe sharing and exploring ideas and thoughts between themselves greatly boosting your productivity and time to market. IdeaBlinkk helps Employees and others in the process feel heard and grow, helping your company to grow and speed up it's activities.

IdeaBlinkk promotes rabid employees and groups, allowing discussions to happen in real time in a safe atmosphere, building employee productivity, trust, loyalty and a rabid, proactive following. It turns your employees, clients and customers into your champions and promoters by letting them feel heard. And it allows you to cut costs by knowing exactly what everyone is doing and when in a safe way non-destructive way.

Listening to your employees, employee groups, customers and clients turns them into your champions.

IdeaBlinkk lets you share documents and other idea files fast and easy, between groups and individuals, supercharging collaboration and your growth process between your employees, employee groups, customers and clients. IdeaBlinkk saves you immense time and effort when compared to using either email or twitter based systems, while quickly saving and categorizing your discussions and ideas for further revenue and discussion, it's all here, in one place, in a self managed contained easy to use software.

IdeaBlinkk can be used as an interactive suggestion box allowing you to safely leverage the brain power of every employee in your organization, or to quickly bring two or more groups together in a fast ready built collaborative process. Showing you ideas and thoughts you may not of thought of, leveraging areas and minds you couldn't have leveraged before in a self managed and safe atmosphere where the best ideas and the things your company and customers really want, can always be seen.

The best ideas always bubble up to the top and where as the not so wanted things easily bubble down to the bottom. Saving you time, effort and money. Making it super easy to manage, discuss and keep track of. Use IdeaBlinkk to make the most of your employees and customers giving them exactly what they want, when they want it, while still being able to effectively control the process.

Software companies and others use IdeaBlinkk to help them leverage their user and employee base for growth and collaboration groups to fine tune their software, web sites and products. To find and promote intuitive intercompany collaboration harnessing the power of their collective minds to solve problems quickly in a safe self contained way.

IdeaBlinkk gives larger companies the ability to mirror and compete with smaller faster startup companies, and gives startup companies the edge on bigger companies allowing them to interact quickly with the entire internet.

Product companies use IdeaBlinkk to safely start and gain collaborative discussions and perspectives about their products to save time and money, while mobilizing their assets and information across their company in a transparent process, that allows them to see eveything that's happening, IdeaBlinkk's collaboration discussion abilities make sure there are no surprises and nothing hidden that might effect you or your success. Can any other software say that? Why aren't you using IdeaBlinkk, as your hidden edge?

Open source companies and startups use IdeaBlinkk to quickly find out what features are most wanted or needed while safely incorporating their users, clients and employees ideas and thoughts into their process and products to grow their reputation and customer loyalty. Giving them an advantage. Shouldn't you?

Harness your collective and area minds, their thoughts and ideas to supercharge and turn them into your champions.

IdeaBlinkk gets your employee and client groups safely engaged and emotionally invested in your site, software or products, by quick micro-discussion, voting and interaction, they become your champions, evangelists and promoters as they see their ideas, thoughts and requests rise to the top. As well this allows you to concentrate on exactly what people want, making people happy. Your Employees and clients now feel heard and respected.

Let IdeaBlinkk refine your processes by safely and non-destructively allowing your employees, users, customers and clients to contribute to your success. Saving you time, money and effort.

Get in tune with your company areas and groups, your customers and clients and let them help you grow fast. Fast moving companies leverage the collective for ideas that help them grow while saving them money, time and focus. Why aren't you?

Demos and trial software can be found on the right.

Check out the solutions bar on the left to learn how to use IdeaBlinkk to make your company, web site, software, product or internal process more productive and a better place using IdeaBlinkk and safe non-destructive social feedback.

From all of us here on the MediaBlinkk Team we hope you enjoy our software and please drop us a note if you need something.

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Online Social Customer Research + Idea Sharing + Customer Feedback
IdeaBlinkk provides a complete online customer research, idea sharing and customer feedback platform.

IdeaBlinkk is entirely CSS driven, including layout, visuals etc... it's easy to change and customize which we think is a huge advantage.

Available in both server and on-demand versions, runs on both Windows and Linux Servers. And help is always just a click away. Standard version comes with
the Development Center and the Developers Version as always comes with libraries and clear text files for easy editing.

Looking for speed? No slow templating here, just super fast easy to use CSS. Fast, inexpensive and fun to use.
What is MediaBlinkk, MediaBlinkk is a web based crowd sourcing content and interaction engine inspired by Digg, Newsvine, YouTube, FaceBook and others.
MediaBlinkk Professional Services - Get help direct from MediaBlinkk Professionals
MediaBlinkk's New IdeaBlinkk Software, makes you and your customers happy.
MediaBlinkkk's current special, First come, first serve, first 50 get free hosting. On-Demand now available to Open Source projects and all others, limited time only.