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MediaBlinkk - Online Social Media Publishing and Community Building Software. What do you get when you mix Digg, NewsVine, YouTube and Facebook? MediaBlinkk the next generation crowd based communication and publishing platform. MediaBlinkk is a web based crowd sourcing publishing, social media and interaction engine inspired by digg, Newsvine, YouTube and others. MediaBlinkk supports crowd sourcing of links, articles, images, video, audio, user inspired editorials, daily columns, reviews, forums, recipes, commenting and feedback like Facebook. MediaBlinkk the next generation of new media publishing software.

MediaBlinkk Server

Smart. Simple. Screamingly Fast.

The Server version of our software allows you to run it on your own server, in a standard server hosting environment or in a shared virtual hosting environment, basically on any server or hosting available. The Server version can be installed with one click of your mouse.

Companies and individuals use the Server Versions of our products to run the software on their own hosting or servers. Once installed you are ready to customize the software to your hearts content or use it right out of the box. It's up to you. Your software your way.

All versions of our software come with the MediaBlinkk Development Center and the BOSS free flowing content and user editor, allowing you to have your software, your way. Everything is automatic.

We are also pleased to announce the Multi-Server version of our Server software.

The Multi-Server version of our Server software gives you 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 100,000, 1 million etc... virtual server sets of the same software, running on just one easily managed code base on just one server.

Whether that server is your own, you are hosting in a shared virtual environment or you are using our On-Demand software our Multi-Server software works for you. And allows you to run multiple virtual servers off one set of code.

Turn your customers into your champions.

Check out the solutions bar on the left to learn how to use MediaBlinkk to make your company, web site, software, product or internal process more productive and a better place.

From all of us here on the MediaBlinkk Team we hope you enjoy our software and please drop us a note if you need something.

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Online Social Media Publishing + Community Building Software
MediaBlinkk provides a complete online media platform to manage, publish, measure, and monetize content on the web.

MediaBlinkk is entirely CSS driven, including layout, visuals etc... it's easy to change and customize which we think is a huge advantage.

Available in both server and on-demand versions, runs on both Windows and Linux Servers. And help is always just a click away. Standard version comes with
the Development Center and the Developers Version as always comes with libraries and clear text files for easy editing.

Looking for speed? No slow templating here, just super fast easy to use CSS. Fast, inexpensive and fun to use.
What is MediaBlinkk, MediaBlinkk is a web based crowd sourcing content and interaction engine inspired by Digg, Newsvine, YouTube, FaceBook and others.
MediaBlinkk Professional Services - Get help direct from MediaBlinkk Professionals
MediaBlinkk's New IdeaBlinkk Software, makes you and your customers happy.
MediaBlinkkk's current special, First come, first serve, first 50 get free hosting. On-Demand now available to Open Source projects and all others, limited time only.